How To Prevent Knee Pain: The Best Tips for Healthy Knees

How To Prevent Knee Pain: The Best Tips for Healthy Knees

How can I make my knees stronger?

You can do several things to better knee pain, whether it’s due to a new injury or arthritis you’ve had for a time.

Copy these 11 dos and don’ts to support your knees feel their best.

Don’t rest too much. Too much support can weaken your brawn, which can worsen joint pain. Find an exercise plan that is safe for your knees and hold with it. If you’re not sure which changes are safe or how much you can do, talk with your physician or a physical therapist.

Section 1: Knee Pain and Injuries

Do not run, jump, and jump rope for more than two days after you have a bone bruise. Doing so increases the chance that your bones will pull apart.

Skip squats unless you can stretch your hamstrings and hip flexors before and after each session. This exercise strengthens the inner and outer thigh muscles, strengthening your knee stability.

Don’t wear a knee brace when you’re exercising to strengthen your muscles. Using a knee brace will not strengthen the muscles of your lower leg, it only adds pressure to already painful tissues.

Do not run on hard surfaces for at least six weeks. You may not know you have weak bones in your lower legs until you’re injured and all the tissue is compressed.

If you have a recent hamstring injury or knee pain, focus on exercises that build your legs up.

Tips for Healthy Knees


Try to exercise your legs on a daily basis

Stretch and foam-roll often to relieve tight muscles

Do not:

Don’t jump or land on your knees

Don’t use too much weight

Don’t ice your knees

Don’t skip pain relievers, either, because they can lower the amount of calcium available in your body

Eat smart. Try to eat several servings of leafy green vegetables, leafy green legumes and salad

Wear suitable footwear. Don’t wear heels or high heels, no matter how cute they look.


Get plenty of rest.

Try anti-inflammatory over-the-counter drugs (such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen) if you think your knee pain is due to an injury. If the pain doesn’t get better after several days or weeks, visit your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Yoga may help.


We all know the importance of having strong, healthy knees. According to the World Health Organization, knee osteoarthritis is one of the top health concerns in Western countries. In the US, more than 100 million adults have some form of arthritis. Knee pain is often the first sign of an injury, yet too many people never seek treatment.

We all know the importance of having strong, healthy knees.

So follow these 11 steps to avoid knee pain and keep your joints healthy and pain-free.

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